Mini Bucket


More than 40 New Flavors Available!

All products are made with Corn Oil. Caramel contains Soy. Cheddars contain milk.

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Choose from the following flavors: 5 Alarm Blazen | Apple Butter | Apple Spice Pecan Honey Butter | Bacon | Bacon Cheddar | Barbecue | Birthday Cake | Blue Raspberry | Buffalo | California Mix | Caramel | Caramel Apple | Caramel Apple Butter | Cheddar Mix | Cherry Berry | Chicago Mix | Churro | Cinnamon | Cinnamon Honey Butter | Classic | Cotton Candy | Green Apple | Honey Sriracha | Hot Chocolate | Jalapeno | Lemonade | Lemonade Pound Cake | Old Bay | Orange Cheddar | Parmesan & Garlic | Pecan Apple Butter | Pecan Honey Butter | Pina Colada | Pizza | Praline Pecan Honey Butter | Ranch | Salt and Vinegar | Strawberry | Vanilla Latte with Cinnamon | Watermelon | White cheddar

All products are made with Corn Oil.
Caramel contains Soy.
Cheddars contain milk.

Additional information

Weight 9.2 oz
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 5 in

: 5 Alarm Blazen, Apple Butter, Apple Spice Pecan Honey Butter, Bacon, Bacon Cheddar, Barbecue, Birthday Cake, Blue Raspberry, Buffalo, California Mix, Caramel, Caramel Apple, Caramel Apple Butter, Cheddar Mix, Cherry Berry, Chicago Mix, Churro, Cinnamon, Cinnamon Honey Butter, Classic, Cotton Candy, Green Apple, Honey Sriracha, Hot Chocolate, Jalapeno, Lemonade, Lemonade Pound Cake, Old Bay, Orange Cheddar, Parmesan & Garlic, Pecan Apple Butter, Pecan Honey Butter, Pina Colada, Pizza, Praline Pecan Honey Butter, Ranch, Salt and Vinegar, Strawberry, Vanilla Latte with Cinnamon, Watermelon, White cheddar


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